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Graphic Design


Thank you for stopping by. My name's Christopher and I love creating visual art and graphic design!


I am fascinated by graphic design. I love being able to create designs to promote and inform (Posters, brochures, flyers, logos, etc.) as well as create graphic designs for important events (invitations, greeting cards, etc.).


I've taken courses in graphic design and computer science and I'm constantly learning to keep up-to-date. I normally use Adobe graphic design software like Illustrator and InDesign. I have also used CorelDraw for several projects. If you need me to use special software, it isn't a problem. I'm a fast learner.


You can also license my work or hire me for a project or full time. I live in Mexico, but if you don't that's not a problem!

Visual Art



I normally adjust colors and contrast, retouch photographs and apply different filters to get painterly, abstract, sepia, and modern effects. I love adding shadow and highlights to add depth and drama to an image.





Web Design & E-Learning


Web site design is important for individuals as well as organizations, a unique website allows us to communicate with our current and future customers, inform, share, and even help others. A personal website allows one to express their personality and creativity.


Today, having a website that is responsive and adjusts to your user's cell phone or table or better yet having an optimized mobile version will allow people to connect wherever they are.


I can design your website using Adobe Muse, Dreamweaver, as HTML 4 or HTML 5. I can integrate PHP based CMS, Content Management Systems like WordPress or Joomla.


I've taught English as a second language since 2001. I enjoy helping others learn and I would like to take advantage of systems like Moodle and software like Adobe Captivate to help companies create training courses for their employees and students.


Using a LMS, Learning Management System like Moodle also helps companies standardize their educational programs across locations as well as let students take tests and quizzes or turn in their homework from any computer with an Internet connection.

English & Spanish Services


I have over 13 years of experience teaching English as a second or foreign language in Mexico. I've also helped students and others with English-Spanish translations and English text proofreading (for clarity).


I could help English speakers and other non-Spanish speakers with Spanish texts and Spanish-English translations. Also if anyone is looking for help on a trip to Mexico, I could be hired to help you get around Mexico City or to go on day trips to other places nearby.




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